Diving Deeper is a diverse community of young professionals from all over the world and varied walks of life whose main goal is to fight apathy, challenge assumptions, and build community.

Diving Deeper in November 2017

Our Beginning

In September 2011, seven old and new friends got together once a week to have meaningful conversations. From those, Diving Deeper was created in an effort to help people find community. Since our humble beginnings, we've grown to reach over 200 people with an average attendance of 20 people every Monday night.


Finding community is challenging in this fast-paced world, but we've developed a solution.


Finding community can be challenging for a number of reasons, whether it's the difficulty of finding like-minded people, being too busy, proving your independence or something in between. But, we all need community and, to help people find it, we host engaging conversations about pressing life topics and lit events. It's our hope that, throughout our journey to help others build community, we can also provide a safe space to confront apathy and challenge assumptions.

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Join Us

If you want to meet new people, have interesting conversations, ask a ton of questions, or understand yourself and the world we live in just a little bit more, then check out one of our weekly discussions, our workshops or a social event. We're always happy to make new friends (in fact, we give you first dibs on the dinner spread)!

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